Accademia Gallery's Grand & Accessible Entrances

The Accademia Gallery Entrance is the gateway to one of the most important museums in Florence, Italy. The entrance is a grand and impressive space that reflects the rich artistic heritage of the city. Visitors can enter the Accademia Gallery through the main entrance, group entrance, or disabled access entrance, depending on their needs.

The main entrance is located on the north side of the building and features a large, arched doorway. The group entrance is on the south side of the building, while the disabled access entrance is located on the side of the building. The entrance is flanked by two statues, one of Michelangelo and one of St. Matthew, that add to the grandeur of the entrance.

Main Entrance
Main Entrance

Serving as the pinnacle of magnificence and renown, the primary entryway to the Accademia Gallery commands attention and recognition. This illustrious threshold, situated on the museum's northern facade, beckons with a vast, arched portal that gracefully ushers visitors into the embrace of artistic wonders. Framing this entrance are two distinguished statues, one honoring the legacy of Michelangelo and the other embodying the presence of St. Matthew, seamlessly intertwining art and reverence.

Beyond its ornate beauty, this entry point fulfils practical needs, housing a ticketing booth for seamless access, a cloakroom to safely store personal belongings, and conveniently situated restrooms to ensure comfort.

Group Entrance
Group Entrance

Situated on the southern expanse of the gallery's edifice, the group entrance stands as a gateway tailored to the needs of organized tours and school groups. This entry point is thoughtfully equipped with amenities meticulously tailored for group experiences, marked by a distinct ticketing booth and an exclusive entrance.

Here, the practicalities of group dynamics are seamlessly addressed, with provisions such as a designated cloakroom to securely stow bags and coats, as well as conveniently positioned restrooms for the comfort of visitors.

Disabled Access Entrance
Disabled Access Entrance

A thoughtful gateway on the side of the Accademia Gallery stands dedicated to accessibility, serving as an entrance tailored to the needs of visitors with disabilities. Characterized by a gentle ramp and an expansive doorway, this entrance ensures effortless entry for all. It seamlessly guides individuals with disabilities into the gallery, granting unfettered access to essential amenities such as the ticketing booth, cloakroom for storage, and conveniently positioned restrooms.


How many entrances does the Accademia Gallery have?

    The Accademia Gallery has three entrances: the main entrance, the group entrance, and the disabled access entrance.

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